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Death Comes with a Chiquita Sticker

I'm not sure if any of you out there in readerland are aware of this, but I hate poetry. Yes, as an English major, I despise poetry. A bit odd, no? The number one reason I hate poetry is that every single literature class I've ever taken (including this semester) has started with poetry. Sure, the classes move on to other aspects of literature, but none of them are covered in as much detail as poetry. This annoys me.

That said, today we read a Howard Nemerov poem in Creative Writing, the "Mud Turtle", if you've read it. It's a fairly standard poem, as far as I'm concerned. We were supposed to write our own animal poem after reading Nemerov's. Here's mine:

"The Gazelle"

Bounding across golden grass
sun-drenched beauty lost in terror
ivory teeth bearing down
on velvet skin to be torn asunder.

Whip-like cords of muscle flex
as ivory teeth turn deathly red
panicked bleating fades to terrible
silence, replaced by crunching bone
when the law of tooth and nail
presides across the golden grass.

Take that, Nemerov!